Meet Your Mountain Bike Coaches

Our instructors are PMBI trained and certified to provide safer, more effective, and fun lessons. This makes the sport easier and safer for both new and experienced riders to learn and progress.

Misty Mahoy

PMBI Level 1 Certified

“You got this!”

My MTB journey started when they built a mountain bike trail in my town, Mount Dora Florida. I was on an old giant we got for $50 at a yard sale… there might have been a couple of cuss words & tears BUT I wasn’t going to let it defeat me! I upgraded to a better bike and it was game on!

Now that I was hooked I needed to find other ladies to ride with because there were hardly any, so I started the Florida MTB Ladies Facebook Group! 6 years later we have over 1,000 members and keep growing! We have weekly & monthly rides and sometimes we venture out of state!

There was something so AMAZING when it’s just you and your bike on the trail. Then there is “THAT” feature on the trail that you have been struggling with but one day you just clear it, best feeling EVER!! You can feel your confidence grow with every ride!

Mountain Bike Coach Misty
Mountain Bike Coach Christy

Christy Markel

PMBI Level 1 Certified

"It's all about that balance and the quest for smile miles.”

My Mountain Bike journey started rough, like riding over a rock garden with very green legs. I had never thought once about riding till I met my then-boyfriend, now-husband at 19 years old. He rode by my work on a BMX bike and asked if I rode bikes. I laughed at him. I made every mistake possible and was beat up by the trail as a result. He was really cute and patient so I kept showing up. 

Over the years I met a lot of really cool friends that taught me proper techniques. These skills have really changed my confidence levels in going from survival in the woods to thriving. I started this journey in 2003 and I absolutely love that feeling of conquering new features.

More so, I really love helping with the skills that lead to the confidence to concur with their goals!

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Looking For Big Results?

  • Weekly accountability zoom or phone call
  • Weekly skills to reach your MTB goals
  • 4x two-hour coaching one-on-one lessons – two lessons during the six-week program, two lessons are for the following weeks after the six-week program.
  • weekly workouts, mobility & yoga video
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